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The proposed project consists of expanding and remodeling parts of an existing, mid century modern, single family residence in the Arapahoe Acres Historic District. The existing home contains 2-bedrooms, a single full bathroom, a living room, dining room, kitchen, fireplace and an entry. The existing living area is approx. 1,130 SF. The primary materials include brick insulated cavity wall with the inner wythe exposed, and insulated core plywood panels above the sill. The roof is framed with wood and the rafters extend out to create large overhangs. The ceiling has 12×12 fiber insulating tiles. The floor construction is concrete slab on grade with under the slab, ducted heat to strip wall registers.  

The entry, and part of the dining room are from an earlier addition. This addition is clad in red brick to match the existing brick on the home. However, some of the details, windows, etc. are non-conforming. A carport and a detached garage were added after the original home was constructed. The carport and garage have some semblance of mid century modern architecture, with the post and beam construction and stepped fascia, that is a continuation of the roof fascia on the entry. The size, shape and location of the carport and garage make them under utilized and less functional. 

The program goals for this project will be to create a new owner’s bedroom with a new bathroom and a walk-in closet, remodel the current bathroom with new finishes, replan/remodel the home office and replan/remodel the kitchen. Additionally, the entry needs to be reworked and designed to be more functional, with considerations for circulation and access to the carport, garage and front walkway. New interior finishes will be introduced, such as a new wood ceiling and a new floor finish. The windows should be replaced with new windows that compliment the architecture with simpler geometric forms. 

Indoor / Outdoor living is a key design element. Currently, the flow from the interior to the outdoor spaces is cut off visually and in some cases does not exist from the main living spaces (living room & kitchen). We will create opportunities for indoor / outdoor living by providing outdoor spaces adjacent to the main living areas thru movable glass walls and or floor to ceiling windows. We will look for opportunities to bring the exterior finishes into the interior spaces.       

Another important goal for this project will be to maintain the Usonian style architecture by keeping certain original details intact and introducing new elements that further enhance the mid century modern characteristics. The red brick exterior and interior walls, the original fireplace, minimal trim, flush doors and the horizontal alignment of window sills and the wall material transition, shall be maintained and help dictate new details and materials.   



  • Main Bedroom Addition
  • New Walnut Kitchen
  • New Windows & Sliding Glass Doors
  • New Garage with a Cantilevered Carport Roof